Design and Construction Services


Whether you are a homeowner, developer, or commercial Property owner, Beagle Surveyors offer a range of Services to help you before, during and after the building phase.

Preliminary Design.
From detailed architectural drawings, to a sketch on the back of an envelope, we are happy to discuss your requirements, offer an overview on feasibility, and indicate where additional information will be required (formulating the ‘Client Brief’). Advance planning is critical in achieving cost certainty – late alterations will always run the risk of disproportionately increasing build costs.

  • Planning.
    We can initiate early discussions with the Local Planning Authority, undertake measured surveys and prepare scale proposal plans and supporting documentation for Planning and Listed Building Consents.
  • Building Regulations.
    We are able to prepare detailed drawings for approval by Building Control to ensure conformity with current Building Regulations.
  • Schedules of Work.
    Once the design and materials are decided, we can draw up a Schedule of Works, which clearly defines the type and extent of Works required. These documents can then be used to obtain competitive quotations, where comparison between builders’ prices can be made on a like-for-like basis, and to form the basis of engagement when appointing your chosen builder.

Contract Administration.
Irrespective of whether or not we ourselves have been engaged to prepare the design and specifications, Beagle Surveyors can collate and reference the necessary documents and drawings for inclusion in the relevant Contract, ensuring all parties are agreed on the scope and costs of the Works.
Once the Contract is in place, the Contract Administrator (CA) inspects the Works on site, monitors the quality and progress, undertakes periodic Valuations of work completed to date, responds to Contractor’s requests for additional information, negotiates price adjustments with the Contractor for variations to the priced Schedule of Works (e.g. design or material changes, unforeseen construction issues etc).

At the end of the build phase, a Final Account is prepared by the CA and a Certificate of Practical Completion issued. After completion, there is usually a defects liability period (usually 3 or 6 months, according to the Contract particulars), at the end of which the CA reinspects the Works. The residual percentage of the Final Account (retention) will become payable once the Contractor has made good all deficiencies in workmanship, materials etc.

In the event that the project is aborted, either party becomes insolvent, or completion of the Project is delayed, the Contract Administrator will play a critical role in mitigating potential losses.