Residential Surveys


Beagle Surveyors offers two principal Survey Reports for prospective house purchasers:

ISVA HomeSurvey Report .

Beagle Surveyors offers a cost-effective overall survey of the Property, its outbuildings and grounds. The Report is laid out in a standardised format. Generally suitable for conventionally built houses and flats, from the Victorian era to the present, the HomeSurvey Report is written in a clear and concise style.

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Building Survey (previously called Structural Survey)

A more detailed, bespoke Survey Report, tailored to the Client’s requirements and the nature of the Property surveyed. Suitable for larger and/or older properties, Listed Buildings, non-conventional construction types, or where significant alterations or additions to the property have been undertaken or are envisaged.  A Building Survey Report is more detailed than a HomeSurvey Report, and adopts a more narrative style where defects and shortcomings are described in detail, the factors which have caused the defects are analysed, and recommendations for further investigation, if appropriate, or suitable repair and maintenance interventions are discussed in detail.
The Surveyor will not open up the fabric of the building or undertake destructive investigation, unless this is specified in the agreement with the Client and full permission from the Building Owner has been obtained. For this reason, the term ‘Structural Survey’ has been largely superseded by ‘Building Survey’.